List of major Plants & Equipment: 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 All rights reserved.  Home About Us Services Company Profile Leadership Career Contact Us Location Map Web Mail Contact Us Location Map Gallery Designed By: AL ASHFAQ IT Dept. AL ASHFAQ ERP Projects (2014) Project Tilte & Description Client Installation of MOVs, PCVs and associated Piping at MP61.8 IPIC A total of approximately 107 flowline crossings which includes oil flowine, water injection flowline, GRE underground water lines, inter connecting headers, etc.. Wellhead Piping works annd Hydrotesting. Structural shed Erection at ASAB RDS’s Civil & Structural Works. Supply of Skilled Manpower, vehicle & equipment CPECC/ ADCO Commissioning Works at MP-61.8 Ruwais Takreer CPECC/ IPIC Maintenance of Stacks for Pump Turbine & Generator Turbine WECO/ ADCO Asab 3 (A3) Project-16” Diversion Gas Pipeline Investigation for Selected Joints TRANS MIDDLE EAST/ GASCO Loading & Unloading Skids Experts E & I/ Venco Imtias Const. Co AAF/ WESCO/ ADCO Projects (2015) Project Tilte & Description Client Construction works for Flowline Crossings at Bab Fields McConnel Dowell/ ADCO Installation of 2 nos. MOV’s and 3 nos PCV’s in the 20 “ pipeline feeding crude oil to Takreer refinery from ADCO pipeline. Line Pipe Crrossing Works for ADCO ASAB unit 6 & 7 Project Electrical & Instrumentation Works including associated Civil/ Structure and Mrchanical Works at MP-61.8 for commissioning Maintenance, Dismantling and Installation of Stacks for Pump Turbine and Generator Turbine. Scope of Works included dismantling, blasting, painting, overhauling, re-installation Scope of Works included excavation, removal of coating at joints, NDT, cutting & welding in case of negative test results, coating, backfilling, berm construction & Reinstatement Supply, Fabrication & Painting of 14 Nos. of Loading and Unloading Skids frame including fabrication of small pipe spools like reducers, bends, etc… for Afganistan Project Excavation, stringing, welding, backfilling and reinstatement works for oil wells at Habshan Air Intake Filter House Dismatling of Existing Unit and Installation of Air Intake Filter House at ADCO Jebel Dhanna Construction of Temporary Camp Facilities for 1000 personnel at Mender Fields CPECC/ ADCO Civil Construction works such as area grading, fencing, supply & installation of foundations, excavation & cable laying and associated works at Bu Hasa and Shah Fields BSS TECH/ ADCO EPC for Mender Field Development Project - Phase I EPC for Cathodic Protection for well casings at Bu Hasa