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Vision & Mission Al Ashfaq employees 400 + people from different nationalities who bring new ideas and ways of thinking that help us in our continuous strive to business success. Our employees understand they have a role to play and are expected to perform to high standards. They are  also empowered to push boundaries. innovate and create a working environment that is professional and positive for all. Our team members recognize that what Al Ashfaq offers them is not simply a job but it is a career; a great  opportunity to work among the best. Above all, our people appreciate the fact that they are considered more than mere employees. They are part of a great big family that values teamwork, professionalism, innovation and open communications and that is cared  for by Al Ashfaq. To be the Company of  choice for our clients in  the UAE market, for all  our business, ............ More..... More at AL ASHFAQ  Our Employees  AL ASHFAQ ERP